About Us

TDNC construction is an “Interior-oriented guru” of a company where we handle and perform all matters relating to architecture, design, construction, and management.

We pursue a design which harmonizes people and space. Based on practical functionalities and its ideal space, we add a sense of beauty and creativity in order to truly revolutionize harmony and its uniqueness. Furthermore, we do our best to achieve customer friendly environment.

For Our Clients

With a specific plan in place formulated through the expertise of our staff and keeping our client’s in mind, we are driven to create the most value by understanding the client’s position. Founded on the feedbacks of each client, we plan and modify the plans in order to increase customer satisfaction and pursue the perfect construction result.

604-552-2227 / tdncltd@gmail.com, info@tdnc.ca / #103 - 2080 Hartley Ave, Coquitlam, BC Canada. V3K 6W5